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SVA MPS Branding


Consumer research

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When we think of brands, we usually think of CPG, Corporate and service companies, but movements such as Black Lives Matter and Me Too have been great examples of how branding can help social movements in various aspects. Our team was asked to create a brand campaign for a social movement by Writer, Professor and activist Dr Ilene Feinman.

Our campaign targeted Period poverty and Pink tax that is still prevalent in the USA

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Mass production of sanitary products began to change those dynamics and grow the American middle-class during the first half of the last Century.

for at least the last millennium, they were reason for many societies to limit the participation of women, girls, and some transgender and non-binary folks in education, work, and other social functions.

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We conducted qualitative and quantitive secondary research to gather data on the problems being faced by people who face the stigma of menstruation and the menstruation costs in the U.S and how it is affecting people both psychologically and economically.

Ad campaigns sanitize this bloody mess with scenes of light blue liquids gently cascading onto fluffy white pads while women frolic in form-fitting white jeans.


58% of people have felt a sense of embarrassment because they were on their period

42% of people have experienced period shaming

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Period products are subject to a state sales tax in 30 of the 50 US states despite efforts to ban the tax country-wide. 

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16.9m people who menstruate are living in poverty in the United States

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Our audience are All menstruators and allies who are combating:

Physical health risks

social effects

Psychological effects 

Financial effects

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Students below the poverty line

In a poll of twenty one students, 66.7% said buying menstrual hygiene products affected their monetary status, yet these purchases are essential.

The Homeless and Incarcerated

They lack the basis resources to feel clean, safe and secure.


Face challenges of:

Finding hygiene products

Privacy to use and change  



Period poverty still prevails across the nation and the urgency to advocating for tax free periods should increase.

A multitude of organisations are working around menstruation with their own communities and resources. 

A lot of instructions and engagement is individual or grassroots based. 

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Organisations and Foundations 

Period Equity


Helping Women Period

I support the girls

Alliance for period supplies

… and many more.

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Congresswoman Grace Meng who introduced the Menstrual Equity for All Act in March 2019. This legislature would ensure that incarcerated and homeless women have access to menstrual products and would allow schools to use federal funds for period products. 

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Using goal based positive language to constantly remind everyone involved of the target. 

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The march aims to draw legislative action and the removal of the Tampon Tax from the remaining states of the USA by demanding period equity as a matter of justice.


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